Reasons to buy nominate Subaru

I made ​​the images side-by-side the Lancer Evolution X and the new WRX to blog for the last time, but I remembered that it had been taken before a picture of this “Subaru car promotional model” at that time. And because they are being deployed this, Subaru dealer, may not know who you are riding in the car of Subaru other than, Lancer Evolution X, of course, left FF most other Subaru-type FF / AWD, is right in short / It is a model of the power train AWD cars to adopt .

Then, the Subaru-type symmetry layout is maybe not an exaggeration to say the killer device of Subaru. In the case of Subaru, to FF of one after the other in the trend of the times the popular car class, which is the main product and any other company from a little before the development, manufacture and sales of FF cars on its own in a relationship that was to come off a little from the world standard as a result I have gone is that we continue to make the FF car / AWD car was.

Well, Subaru car out a little from the world standard or useless? But, for example, suppose you want to prepare two Toyota Crown of current, and were reclassified as the method of the image left and right power train. And this difference of two is only power train were recombined, selling price, fuel economy, power, weight, utility, etc. If was (but not impossible in reality) the same at all. . Should feel the sublime? Such as Arab and palaces stability and sense of security in parts of the left and right symmetry, to try to choose the power train on the left is not the only one I never.

No, there should be such as such equal conditions in fact, is the reason (like a whiff of plastic interior) the portion inferior to that of the car at the same level of other companies are seen here and there in the Subaru, but this power train in the opposite (especially in the car of 3 million yen or less body at least) option is not present in the other manufacturers if you’ve liked to tow truck.

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America is close to Japan a safeguard measure. The reason Subaru car’s been hit in the United States

Subaru has been a big hit in the United States now. Sales are in well. However, it is do not I feel this well, the United States side. Yes see it and is no longer selling the car of their own, you are using the import restrictions.

Subaru Outback U.S. sales of new vehicles in June, a significant increase, Forester of 41.6% traction

July 2, U.S. corporation, Subaru of America, Subaru (Fuji Heavy Industries) with some towing companies announced the results of the sales of new vehicles in June. The total unit sales are 39,235 units of highest ever for June. Year-on-year to 41.6% increase, I exceeded the previous year in 19 consecutive months. The type of vehicle, “Forester” is the effect of the new input, and sold 10,170 units, which is a new record for June.  The significant increase is 40.6%, year-on-year more than the previous year track record of four consecutive months. “Impreza WRX” also maintains a substantial increase with 1697 units, 49.1 percent.

In particular, I understand that the Outback and Forester has increased sales significantly Subaru. Do you not think this well, the United States has been taking steps such as the following. Safeguard study Japan-US bilateral talks with Japanese cars, offense and defense in the trigger criteria.

In bilateral talks in Japan and the United States that are working in parallel-Pacific Partnership Agreement and (TPP) negotiations, the introduction emergency import restrictions that limits the number when exports to the United States of Japanese cars soared of (safeguard) measures It was found on the 5th that you are considering.

I did not know … this … it aside it in this article the United States will come to change the rules of other countries goods and sell explosively in their own country. Emergency import restrictions of this time it is (safe guard) measures. In addition, when you join the TPP that it revives in the context of the United States will come out tariffs. As in the above article in tariff maintenance has been decided car already. The will is written also in the article within. TPP’s that tariff elimination of all it is a lie. What do you see? If you think the article that was good, then you can spread, and I am happy.

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Introduces special edition models Subaru, the “Legacy Outback” and “Grand Master”

Subaru “Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., Legacy Outback announced on December 24, “Grand Master (Grand Master)” on special edition models of the “will release on February 27, 2014.

Based Outback is a Legacy series highest grade equipped with the six-cylinder engine 3.6L horizontally-opposed Subaru only a “3.6R EyeSight”, “Grand Master” was subjected to special equipment interior and exterior.

In addition to running a certain space is smooth and dynamic six-cylinder engine, horizontally opposed with rotational balance with excellent produce, including matte wood grain decorative high texture with natural, warmth in quality brown leather sheet (such as ivory stitch piping) By adopting the specifications feel was achieved indoor space with comfort, call today click here.

In addition, the exterior employs a large private roof rails and aluminum wheels of dynamic design, representing the strength like SUV. Etc. increase the sense of quality by the front grill of the dark tone and satin-plated door mirror, it is first-class equipment in all of the interior and exterior, finished in appropriate model as the flagship of the Subaru brand.

[Main] Special Equipment


  • .17-Inch aluminum wheels (gun metallic paint + glitter cutting)
  • Dark-like front grille
  • Exclusive side sill cladding
  • Satin-plated door mirror
  • Dedicated large roof rail (cross bar built-in type)
    • HID low beam lamp (black bezel)


  • Brown leather seat (Ivory stitch piping)
  • Ri-head Brown armrest Floor console (Ivory stitch)
  • -Matte dark wood decorative panel
  • Rear seat center armrest (matte dark wood grain decorative + metallic ring cup holder)
    • (Front × 2, rear × 2, only charging function) USB power
    • Delay-off room lamp (rear spot light)
    • [] Sales plan
    • 30 units / month
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Subaru WRX STI public notice! Japan?

Subaru “WRX STI announced world premiere of schedule!  Problem and spec… WRX STI or Detroit Motor Show public … January 14

WRX is here

  • Specifications: Subaru WRX power-up to small 500cc!
  • Traveling Videos: Subaru WRX running video got to be a way!
  • Comparison: Compare the Impreza WRX G4 the whole picture!

STI According to the rumor, the WRX story greater than 2L of, and gain 2.5L engine is rich.

New model has a smaller displacement WRX I think I follow the routes of, it’s gain high tuning model of 2L also to be or not it was good, but, to tell the top sport in the United States, I wonder if a determination that requires emissions of larger voted best mechanic.

Possibility of a different spec also because high Japanese model, specification of this announcement, it might be good in the sense of Subaru strong in the U.S. market.

But lonely is that the new Subaru has become America center.

Revuogu that a Japanese market is Tokyo Motor Show was published in but, WRX Los Angeles Motor Show, this WRX STI Detroit Motor Show published.

The U.S. market, which has been rushed when sold if there is even a car, etc. We should strongly indicate the existence of a Subaru can be seen, but, from the stance of Subaru of, cherish fan, even if I care about a little more in Japan I feel good to.

I think also Revu~ogu big expectations, even as there is a slight shift from Japan feeling the price and size, and fan service and understanding of needs, it is divided more from country to country and have them addressed in a delicate Japanese sensation I wonder if I can?

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You would be pleased to pass each other and with the Subaru in the snow-covered road

I’m Dondake Subaru enthusiast.

Well today, went to see a movie in Morioka and has been a snow-covered road to drive the way home. It is a certain dam. You came here in the winter it might for the first time. The road surface is so clean road width is wide, It is easy to run. It is a good place not pass car at all because it is deep in the mountains. It is a way Tarmac is more interesting than snow for me specifically. The southward from certain dam, to a certain drive-in! W is not it valuable Nantes drive-in now and has traveled to many places so far, but the ruins and there are quite a lot of overwhelmingly than where it is open. It is now convenient convenience store and roadside station is substantial, but the atmosphere of the drive-in, my love! W to Sweden in the main event!! Sweden is not a home course of the winter, but, w will often have turned into avenues unexplored past ultra-deep in the mountains in a state in which the powder snow is on the top of the road surface that has been beaten well today, it is good was the intention of how to feel. In order to snow glyceraldehyde untimely snow drift is a challenge of this season, it is the practice today.

Hill Climb in slow while traveling check the feel of the snow preview temple first! Www semivulgar traction and There is only four-wheel drive truly I will continue in full fling steadily. Nde two eyes or try to increase the rate of entry corner with pace up, or try to load transfer under braking, I tried to turn the corner in various patterns. This is I’m quite difficult. Why do not you run in the same braking in the same line up to drift in the two-wheel drive, it is not at all bend. And I’m a natural and because wheel drive (direct 4 but w does not bend more than the imagination to try to (pre-load) braking by increasing the approach speed also click here

Dododododo under www disposal to Hippareru out it is not attached to the INS and cut big time the steering. where he thought of the throw-in fast-out to! rises quickly to approach slowly short at a reduced speed firm at the time of entry corner, clear (no accelerator off in order to stabilize the body) the corner while pressing lightly on the accelerator, Dewatto the rising . apply traction to the accelerator on the line-up is good? this is to think that the person of the line wide than Inbeta maneuverability keep high the number of revolutions of the engine to the lead to the next corner! This is the stage of trial and error still several of mind you it is as grasp the hang somehow ran. ! is essential practice deal when over steering comes into reverse and deal when the under steer came out is because it is still braking of the entrance corner is not determined with a whack rhythm so mad not lead to a series of operations, and. it is the most important issue of braking basics of basic in more, this is a fiction blog.

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Continue to take the Subaru much. Appeal of Subaru cars

It is a WEB news was delivered to 1:00 today of New Year’s Eve. Making cars that squeeze subject to unique Strategy Subarisuto supporting Fuji Heavy Industries, best condition, contrarian management of major is now here.

Uncle next door of my house was a very Subarisuto, who will fix your flat tires.

Atmosphere and the father of the house of office workers is totally different. It seems to have folded doing at home the translation of technical contractors.

It was put on the entrance side always have a car well-groomed. Corona is smaller than that of the house. But, there is a dignity towards the car over there apparently. In which there is a sense. That would a great car, was a 1000 Subaru maybe. I think that it stood very much after you released that time already, but did not have the feeling that old at all. There are a lot of great car Subaru 360, Leone, Legacy, Impreza, and Subaru BRZ to 1000 other than in Fuji Heavy Industries. CM of the finest cars such history is run and run to the left to the right place. (Reminds me articles about the CM of the finest cars Honda to Gotham to New Year’s Eve of 2012 Kkena I was UP a) a genetic CM of “keep riding the car of Subaru from parent to child”, this place is a must and. Family of “Subarisuto” are drawn each exactly. I have in Omoi~tsu “such a person to get along with the car also be nice,” and certainly to have seen.

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Subaru, announced that it will world premiere the Subaru WRX STI at the Detroit Auto Show January 13

Subaru, at the Detroit Auto Show Subaru to world premiere the WRX STI.

Subaru was unveiled at the Los Angeles Motor Show, Subaru is a high-performance model of the WRX Subaru at 2014 Detroit Auto Show to be held from January 13 the WRX STi, was officially announced to be world premiere. Originally Subaru as STI, Inc. Complete Car of Impreza is the “WRX STI” was released, but has been the main market in North America now, and is likely to become public in the U.S. as expected. “All is new, the press release Subaru details such as the Subaru specs are not revealed yet just to written high-performance flagship which is the icon of, “but, WRX STI from the spec sheet of the dealer that has flowed out before is that it is set only a six-speed manual transmission has been found that the gear box in the displacement 2.5L turbo engine. [Spec / grade and exterior of the new Subaru WRX are clearly due to a leak for roadside repairs!]

However, in the model of the North American specification, you can assume that it becomes spec engine and another in Japan specification of course Subaru WRX STI to be published this time, do you become what engine to be mounted that was based on which model on earth There is one of attention. It is expected to become a thing of the spec more than 309ps of the current model in the news everywhere.

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Fujitsu ten is launched in early February correspond to the Subaru “9-inch big screen”

Speaking of keywords car navigation system of the past few years, including “smartphone cooperation”, the 200mm wide console corresponds to the “larger screen”, “interactive voice control,” and “operation of the Smartphone feel” is raised. The former two, one is from the best mobile mechanic, has become commonplace in the commercial navigation in particular.

9-inch large screen car navigation system “ECLIPSE” to expand “ULTRA AVN” also allowed attached to each model Toyota and Honda, Nissan (only Serena), but can be installed also in Subaru cars from early February next year now.

Sports Impreza, Impreza G4, Subaru XV, Subaru XV hybrid, Forrester, and to accommodate a dedicated mounting kit, the price of dedicated mounting kit is 21,000 yen. Sale has just started in November 2013 in the “AVN-ZX03i”, navigation, corresponds to the application, such as “support anywhere,” “CarafL (colorful)”, the instruction manual that can be searched in a natural speech, model with enhanced operability.

On the big screen of 1.8 times compared to the previous model of the company, the biggest attraction is the height of the overwhelming visibility due to large screen 9 type of commercial navigation largest. That the button or display font is large, resulting in pushing the different buttons by mistake is small, and it is easy to see from the rear seat.

It is equipped with the commercial Navi’s first “Wi-Fi”. You can use the “CarafL (colorful)”, and “support anywhere” app previously described by connecting the “Wi-Fi tethering” car navigation systems and Smartphone.

In addition, in response to cloud service “My Cloud”, it can be played on car navigation system music and photos of home PC Fujitsu in the “Drive Studio”. In addition, you can reproduce the acoustic space, such as a 5.1ch surround in four speakers on hand by the “virtual theater”.


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